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2016 Aug. 1515This file is located in the Piping folder. Seismic Wave Propagation in Ductile Iron Pipe. File version 1.0.
2014 Apr. 29167This file is located in the Civil Engineering folder. PRESTRESSED/POST-TENSIONED CONCRETE SECTION (ACI 318-08). File version 1.0.
2012 Oct. 18934This file is located in the Wind & Snow folder. Open Channel Flow Calculations. File version 1.1.
2011 Dec. 07141This file is located in the Plates folder. Cantilever Grating. File version 1.01.
2011 Nov. 22214This file is located in the Civil Engineering folder. Concrete Special Structural Wall ACI 318-08.xls. File version 1.0.

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