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Rotating Machinery
Friday, 28 January 2011
Here are some more examples of rotating machine analysis..

Pump Casting Fracture Analysis

A pump manufacturer wanted to know what size of crack/defect would be acceptable in his impeller castings. As the impeller is spun round at very high speeds giving it becomes subject to radial and hoop stresses. MoreVision prepared a finite element model (shown opposite) to study the stress distribution. The finite element stress predictions were verified by classical hand calculations.
Fracture mechanics calculations were then prepared to determine acceptable flaw sizes for both surface defects and embedded defects. This enabled an inspection criteria to be established which would reduce the amount of reject material and increase the security of knowing that all those entering service would not fail as a result of fast fracture.

Flywheel Analysis

This investigation considered how much material could be safely removed during a refurbishment of a flywheel. Consideration was given to static strength, out of balance forces and fatigue strength.

Wind Turbine Hub

MoreVision helped Taylor Woodrow Wind Energy Group design the hub of a horizontal axis wind turbine. This was the critical structural item on the wind turbine.

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