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You can request specific calculations in this area. Hopefully someone in the ExcelCalcs community can help.
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TOPIC: Material Proerties
DaveC (User)
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Material Proerties 11 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 4  
How about starting a material propety database?...Possibly a big task for a single person to complete but if a number of people upload contributions (complete with references) it could grow into a sinificant resource.
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InfoJunkie65 (User)
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Re:Material Proerties 11 Years, 8 Months ago Karma: 7  
Good Idea. But what format. I have structural sections database in Access which are then linked into an excel workbook, which is then usde by other workbooks. In QPro I simply used lookup tables directly into a paradaox file. Excel seemed to have problems with that.

Then using lookup functions into the sections properties database became to cumbersome for some tasks, where want multiple sections in the one workbook. So I wrote VBA functions which use DAO to obtain data direct from Access and return the results I want such as phi.Ms, without the need to display all the section properties and intermediate calculations involved in calculating effective widths and effective section properties. Get the value I want more direct.

The reason for using Access/Paradox is that they provide for easier management of the information. And more consistent application of formula. An excel table may have inconsistent formula in it but a calculation applied to each record of a database table is more consistent and easier to do.

Another problem is units of measurement. What units to use as the base? That is one set of units needs to be used as a base any other set can be presented as a conversion. Once again potentially more reliable and easier to do using Access/Excel/VBA combination.

What data structure to use, fields and properties to be collected? How many databases or tables to be used? One for UK sections, one for US, and one for Australian as many of the structural analysis programs do?

And use separate or single database for actual materials and the structural sections? Some structural sections only available in a given grade and type of material in some places. In others can get any material grade want for a given section.

So that in some places there is a clear distinction between sections and materials, in others they blurr together.

As do other ideas with time. My original database and excel workbook are no longer synchronised due, to differing versions of excel and access around the office. Further the excel workbook also now contains materials and section properties, cladding weights and spans, and load capacity tables for cold-formed sections. And have several versions in operation, due to different users needing additional sections. Eventually they get synchronised, then they diverge again.

So yes its a good idea. So what materials and/or sections do you want to start with?
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JohnDoyle[Admin] (Admin)
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Re:Material Properties 11 Years, 8 Months ago Karma: 494  
My take on this is other website are already concentrating on this matweb being the one that sticks in my mind. There are other good material resources too. So by all means let's use the forum to guide users to good resources but let's concentrate on developing and sharing solved problems in Excel and try to keep true to the mission statement "ExcelCalcs will build the web's largest repository of solved problems using the world's most popular mathematical software tool (Excel) and make it available to the world for free."
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