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TOPIC: RECTBEAM (318-05).xls
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Re:RECTBEAM (318-05).xls update to version 1.5 2 Years, 5 Months ago Karma: 53  
"RECTBEAM.xls", "RECTBEAM (318-05).xls", and "RECTBEAM (318-11).xls" spreadsheet workbooks. The changes and additions to all 3 are as follows:
First, while writing his own MathCAD sheet and using mine as a go-by, Chuck Hope ran across a units "glitch" in the "Shear" worksheet for the maximum spacing, "s(max)", of the shear reinforcing. The text in the associated comment box did correctly reflect the provisions of the ACI Code for maximum spacing. However, it turned out that I had forgotten to convert the units from pounds to kips in the actual programming. Thus, the result was not correct for the special case where the provided shear reinforcing capacity, (phi)Vs, was greater than 4*(phi)*SQRT(f'c*1000)*b*d/1000. I made the necessary correction which was required in all 3 workbooks.
Next, while using the "Torsion" worksheet in the "RECTBEAM (318-11).xls" workbook, I noticed that the sketch was not correct. I had the dimension lines for the terms "xo" and "yo" shown incorrectly. The dimension lines should have been shown from the center to center of the transverse shear reinforcing (ties). I made these corrections to all 3 workbooks. By the way, the calculations for "xo" and "yo" were correct, it was just a problem with the sketch.
Finally, I had occasionally received requests to provide a copy of the original CRSI "Universal Column Formulas" that CRSI published in their Handbook up through the version that addressed the ACI 318-99 Code. (I make use of those formulas, with modifications as required, in the "Uniaxial" and "Biaxial" worksheets.) Later versions of the CRSI Handbook from 2002 to present had the formulas omitted. So, I added a worksheet in all 3 workbooks that includes the original CRSI "Universal Column Formulas" for reference.
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