MyGantt makes Gantt Charts using conditional formatting.

The workbook uses macros to adjust the timeline, number of activities and to set and clear a baseline schedule which make a frozen copy of the current schedule. The timeline colours through to the current date which is entered by the user to suit the reporting period.

Instructions for use are provided via comments in the relevant fields. Five or seven day working weeks are accommodated and non-working Holidays can be included.

Activities are defined by a start date or a link with delays to the start or end of any other activity plus a duration in working days. The Gantt bars extend automatically to accommodate weekends and holidays.

Actual start dates can be included and progress bars indicate up to the current date or the actual finish date when this is provided.

 To protect against corrupting calculations the worksheet is protected (user entered data goes in yellow cells) but can be unlocked with "dkb" to examine how it all works.

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23 Jul 2015
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23 Jul 2015
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Dennis Kirk-Burnnand

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JohnDoyle[Admin] 9 years ago
Thanks Dennis I have extended your XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks.