DVS hydrogen concentrations in GB (Rev. B).xlsx



John, This is a very specific calculation for the increase in temperature in a nuclear waste cleanup site where drums containing radiolysis products, primarily hydrogen, along with various radionuclides are being vented prior to opening. I have been able to work around the issue of no equation update in a protected worksheet by the use of a vlookup table. This is an earlier file where the checker would have to input the data by hand, and where the input cell formulas were not updating. I would still like to see if this issue is real or something I am doing wrong. Because this file is so specific, it is not a candidate for the Repository. Note that several worksheets are included, that also are not suitable for issue on the Repository. Thanks, Ron
04 May 2010
Last Modified
07 Jun 2010
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827.55 Kb
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Ronald C Mitchell

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