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Purpose : This excel will calculate for you : RPM, linear feed, Metal removal rate, chip dimensions. Specific cutting force, main cutting force, power required, cutting time, roughness.

Input : Turning External Diameter [mm], Cutting Speed [m/min], Depth of cut [mm], Feed per revolution [mm/rev], Length of cut [mm], Entry angle [degree], Rake angle [degree], Efficiency [%], Wear factor [%], tool nose radius, Based on material type and tensile strength.

output : Revolutions per minute [RPM], Linear Feed [mm/min], Metal removal rate [cm3/min], Chip cross section [mm], Chip width [mm], Chip thickness [mm], Specific Cutting force [N/mm2]or [MPa], Main cutting force [N], Power requirement [kW], Cutting time [min], Cutting time [seconds], Roughness profile depth [um]

Sources : Walter and Sandvik Coromant Catalogs.

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17 Jun 2019
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06 Feb 2020
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JohnDoyle[Admin] 5 years ago
A nice debut calculation I have awarded a three month XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks.