Two day in-house fatigue seminars for engineering professionals.

COURSE LEADER: John Doyle BSc(Eng)., C.Eng., MIMechE., ACGI was born in 1965 and is a graduate of London’s Imperial College with almost 30 years of experience in solving engineering problems. After rising to the position of Chief Mechanical Engineer with Bombardier Transportation he started his own engineering consultancy in 1995 called MoreVision. It specialises in engineering analysis of railway vehicles and mechanical equipment. His website delivers solutions to engineering problems and welcomes over 20,000 unique visitors per month.

 WHY ENROL ON THIS COURSE? Fatigue occurs when small cracks grow under the action of repetitive loads progressively weakening a part until it suddenly fractures without warning. Welding is one of the most common joining methods for structural materials but they introduce additional complexities to the fatigue process. Thus weld fatigue is the most significant factor affecting the structural design of machines such as construction equipment, railway vehicles, mining and other mechanical equipment. Engineering theory is set in the context of real life case studies to reveal strategies to overcome fatigue problems and develop your eye for fatigue prone details. Fatigue has been the root cause of many engineering disasters so register your interest in the course and make sure it does not happen on your projects.

Weld Static Strength

  • Start with simplest weld types
  • Understand basic calculation principles
  • Understand allowable stress
  • Code independent
  • Use traditional hand calculation methods
  • Find good tools to solve general weld problems
  • Tools for weld sizing
  • Tools to determine weld ultimate strength

Classic Fatigue Problems

  • Reading fracture surfaces
  • Understanding residual stress
  • Performing stress life fatigue calculations
  • Fracture mechanics calculations

Fatigue of Welded Structures

  • Understand the welding process
  • Understand the difference a weld makes to fatigue
  • Applying fatigue classifications
  • Performing SN calculations
  • Metallurgical assessment of a weld fatigue problem
  • Compare American and European methods for fatigue assessment
  • How to enhance fatigue performance

Case Studies

  • Vibration driven fatigue problem
  • Theme park fatigue
  • Incorporating fatigue with finite element analysis
  • Fracture mechanics and life extension
  • Dynamic effects on fatigue problem

Fatigue Workshop (Optional Extra Day)

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Design engineers and engineers managing warranty or service issues.

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