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Bill's Conversion Spreadsheet
Enter a number in the yellow box which is in the same row as the unit which you want to convert from.  The conversion to all other units appears in that column.
Each cell converts directly from the yellow cell in that column, without the use of intermediate cell values.  This makes it easy to copy a formula from the spreadsheet for use elsewhere.
The formula in each cell is written in a format to provide clarity of how the conversion is done. I.E. converting inches to miles is done as *12*5280 rather than *63360.
Protection is enabled preventing modification of the cells other than the yellow input cells.  This is done to prevent accidental changes. 
   It can be disabled by selecting Tools - Protection.  There is no password.
Calculations are as exact as could be found.  Exactness is noted in each case.  Excel stores and calculates with 15 significant digits of precision.
A red triangle in the upper right of a cell indicates that it contains a comment.
Submitted By:
John Doyle (JohnDoyle[Admin])
Submitted On:
05 May 2010
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118.50 Kb
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