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The ExcelCalcs website is developed is wholly owned by MoreVision Limited. Their analysis, testing and calculation services have been used for railway vehicles, construction equipment, oil and gas plant, cranes and mechanical items for theme parks since 1995. Click the links below to see some case studies:

  • Finite Element Analysis Services: Stress Analysis, Fatigue Analysis, Vibration Analysis, Seismic Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Impact/Crash Analysis & Optimisation.
  • Structural Testing Services: Strain gauge tests, Accelerometers, Signal Processing & Analysis of Test Results.
  • Calculation Services: Structural Design & Sizing, Bolted Joint Assessment, Welded Joint Assessment, Approval to Industry Codes & Standards, Structural Design Troubleshooting, Failure Investigations, Performance Estimation, System Optimisation, Mechanical Simulation, Mechanism Design, Machine Element Design, Vibration & Damping Control, Mathematical Modelling & Loading Calculations.
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Our client list includes Shell, Bombardier, Siemens, Volvo and Disney:


VIDEO: Railway Vehicle Design

imeche.gifLittleVirgin.gifMoreVision has a particular expertise in the structural design of railway rolling stock and running gear. Being active in railway industries from across the globe we have a good perspective on all the various standards used in different countries and on different vehicle types. MoreVision services are used by rolling stock manufacterers and operators alike heading failure investigations and supporting engineering teams. MoreVision has been invited on a number of occasions to present papers at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers including "Crash Design of Steel Bodyshells for Virgin" and "The Future of Railway Vehicle Design"

Railway Bodyshell Design


MoreVision were involved from the start of the in the concept design and preliminary calculations of the class 22x bodyshells. Later in the project MoreVision were commissioned by Bombardier to undertake an independent design audit of the Virgin Voyager Bodyshells. They were asked to consider the fatigue design aspects of the bolster, in particular dealing with issues arising from the tilting mechanism. Further support to the project was required in the management of subcontractor supporting calculations. In the final stages MoreVision were asked to prepare and present a paper called "Crash Design of Steel Bodyshells for Virgin" which was delivered at a seminar held at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

Having completed the design of the bodyshell ADtranz commissioned MoreVision to undertake the final analysis runs and preparation of all the reports for submission to the client and approval authority. This bodyshell was particular interesting as it was constructed from a fabricated steel chassis and body ends with sidewalls and roof made from wide body aluminium extrusions. The sub-assemblies were bolted together to form the complete bodyshell. Analysis included a static strength assessment, fatigue strength assessment and bolted joint assessment for each of the bodyshell types.

 MoreVision have undertaken design work in Europe, for example the structural design of AM96 Electrical Multiple Units and I11 coaches for BN, SNCB Belgium.


 A generic rail vehicle may be sold to a number of different clients. Each client have their own particular preference for seating layout. This means that the positions and sizes of doors and windows change between each order. MoreVision have parameterised this problem so that once window and door sizes have been defined a program which automatically generates a finite element model. In this way any problems regarding resonance, strength of fatigue strength of the bodyshell can be understood during the project definition and tendering stage. The program even produces a bill of materials for tendering purposes.

Bogies, Trucks and Adapters

MoreVision works very closely with its client partners. Typically models are supplied by the client by email and Morevision are asked to undertake the static and fatigue assessments and prepare the reports for submission to the end client. MoreVision has developed a number of programs to post-process finite element results which help to reduce the cost of fatigue assessments.

Non-Tilting Bogies for Virgin - The bogie is used on the non-tilting Virgin Voyager vehicles.


Tilting Bogies for Virgin - The bogie is used on the tilting Virgin Voyager vehicles.

Bolster Adapter for Double-Deck Bodyshell - This is a half model of an adapter for a double-deck bodyshell. The vehicles are for use in France so two fatigue assessments were performed to show that is compliant with UK and French fatigue standards. The methods of assessment are completely different.


Caracas Bogie - This is a half model of bogie which in in service in Caracas in Venezuela.


M6 Bogie Adapter - The M6 vehicles are for use in France so two fatigue assessments were performed to show that is compliant with UK and French fatigue standards. The methods of assessment are completely different.


Bolster Adapter for Tilting Train - Bogies are attached to the bodyshell via adapters. design of the adapter is often just as extensive as the design of the bogie. This particular adapter is further complicated due to the tilting mechanism on the train.

What is so special about Railway wheels?


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