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XLC Pro Mode vs. XLC Trial Mode
XLC Pro - No watermarks or hyperlinks.XLC Pro Mode - If you use XLC for commercial purposes you need to pay for a paid XLC subscription. One subscription is required for each XLC user. Choose an XLC paid plan and no restrictions apply to XLC or the ExcelCalcs site whilst your subscription is active. You will be prompted to renew your subscription just before it expires. If you allow your paid XLC subscription to expire XLC continues to work but it reverts to a restricted trial mode (see below). 

XLC Ed - Watermarks and hyperlinks to ExcelCalcs.comXLC Trial Mode - The following restrictions apply.

  • XLC is strictly for non-commercial use.
  • XLC renders some equations with a watermark stating "Non-commercial use."
  • XLC renders equations with a hyperlink to the ExcelCalcs site.
  • XLC disables the following button Delete XLC Functions“Delete XLC Functions”.
  • No Repository downloads.
We are very grateful to users who support us by choosing our XLC paid subscription plan. Your fees pay for software development, new repository calculations and site enhancement.


#5 JohnDoyle[Admin] 2015-03-22 19:30
I have just manually updated the database to remove the IE double counted downloads. You have downloaded 15 file this leaves you another 5 downloads today.
#4 JohnDoyle[Admin] 2015-03-22 18:55
Thank you for pointing out the omission in the plan comparison table. However in the plan description the download limit is stated clearly. To prevent confusion to future users I have updated the plan comparison table.

I can see that you have just signed up for our XLC Ed (12M) plan earlier today and no doubt you are keen to grab all the calculations as soon as possible. Despite the download limit users can still download up to 7300 files per year - that's a lot of calculations to work through.

Most users dip in and out of the repository as they need calculations and I have not had any complaints about the 20 file download limit. The calculation preview is to reveal exactly what the file looks like so there is only really a need to download if you intend using the calculation. We track all your downloads and show you if any of your downloads have been recently updated (see 'My Downloads' link in the member area on the right hand margin). This list could become very long and difficult to manage if you have too many downloads.
#3 johse 2015-03-22 17:28
Dear John,

I think the idea behind the site is a great offer and the subscription a good idea to fund the development.

As to the restriction. Pls read your own text in your subscription plan comparison page at https://www.excelcalcs.com/compare-subscription-plans/

"Only XLC Pro & XLC Ed subscribers have no restricted functionality." I believe this limit is a restriction of functionality!

For your info I started chrome to check your claim and the sites still says:

"Sorry, your daily download limit has been reached.
Your limit is 10 per 24 hour period. Come back again after 24 hours"
#2 JohnDoyle[Admin] 2015-03-22 16:04
All download pages have a calculation preview so you have a very good idea of what you are going to download. The limit is 20 downloads a day only IE users who do not add ExcelCalcs as a trusted site will be limited to 10 (I don't know why IE works like this, we suggest you use Chrome). The site operates under https.
#1 johse 2015-03-22 13:39
This isn't entirely correct.

You can only download 10 sheets in 24 hours with a paying subscription if you do not want to add the site as a trusted site!

You can't evaluate a sheet before you download it - so this limit is crazy and the demand for trusting a site not even running https is insane.

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