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XLC Pro (12M)

This subscription gives you access to everything for a whole year.

Professional Unrestricted UseXLC Add-in Software to enhance MS Excel so that cell formulae can be displayed as mathematical equations and your worksheets read like textbooks. Automatic subscripting, Greek character shortcuts, animation, charting and other calculation productivity tools all demonstrated in our video tutorials. Subscribers to this plan can obtain their XLC release code to give unrestricted functionality for the duration of the subscription period.
RepositoryCalculation Repository - access to our Excel downloads which include essential tools for engineers, scientists and teachers covering hundreds of calculation topics. Each download is a simple excel file with no time restrictions and can be easily copied and customised for you own calculations. As a member you can use our extensive calculation document control features. Members can download 20 files per 24 hour period (please note: Internet Explorer users will only get 10 downloads per 24 hour period unless is to their trusted sites list). Forum Support from our expert community and priority XLC support and telephone hotline from our staff. Renew Your Membership to keep XLC working in the Pro mode, for access to new files or be informed about updates to files you have already downloaded. Volume discount available (see details).

Use the buttons below to create or extend subscription period by 12 months. You don't actually need a PayPal account, PayPal process the payment but you can use any debit or credit card (look for the 'Pay with a debit or credit card' link on the PayPal page).

Cost $99USD      Cost $99USD pa. 
XLC Ed (12M)

This subscription gives teachers and students access to everything for a whole year.

Non Commercial Use OnlyThis subscription gives teachers and students all the benefits of an XLC Pro subscription at a reduced cost. It is intended for teaching and learning purposes only and expressly must not be used in a commercial application. Initially this plan is set for a 1 month duration but will be fully functional. It will be manually extended to 12 months provided that your registered email address has an academic domain (@*.edu or @* etc.). You are also required complete your registration with details of your educational establishment.

Cost $49USD       
XLC Trial (3M)

This subscription gives you an XLC software trial and a little sample from the Repository.

Reduced Functionality Trial for Evaluation OnlyOur free XLC Trial subscription will allow you to install our XLC software and download from our Repository. To incentivise you to upgrade to a paid subscription you will be limited in the following ways: 1) Download from just two Repository folders “Addins” and “Trial” and all others folders will be blocked; 2) XLC software will produce equations with  “Not for commercial use” message and a hyperlink to ExcelCalcs; 3) Site adverts will be displayed; 4) License restrictions to non-commercial & evaluation purposes only. Please use this plan if you intend to contribute to the Repository in return for free XLC Pro subscriptionsYour subscription expires after 3 months.
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