Suggested Calculation Topics

Suggested subjects for your calculation

  1. encode a bookEncode a problem from a classical text book. What nuggets of math gold are currently lying on your bookshelf? Encode a classic problem and validate your solution by checking against a solution in the book. You must pay attention to copyright here. The equations and calculation method are in the public domain can be copied without any copyright infringement. You cannot physically copy sketches or extracts from the published book. Sketches are best redrawn using Excel’s drawing tools. Always give a reference to the book. We will add Amazon links so that anyone wanting to have the theory behind the calculation can obtain the book easily.
  2. a classic maths problemClassical maths problems. Simultaneous equations, quadratic equations, geometrical formulae, matrix formulae are popular with our users but there are some holes we would like to fill. High school and university maths problems are universally applicable to many disciplines. Why not dust down your old school notes?
  3. expand a calculationExpand the functionality of an existing calculation. Let’s take an example, some calculations are biased for an American audience using imperial units (ft, lbs and kips) or American section properties. Why not download it and make it work with metric units and/or European sections or vice versa? You could propose an improvement to any existing calculation in the repository. You may want to use the forum link to discuss your proposal with the calculation’s author. Collaboration is always good way to approach a problem. Choosing a popular calculation with many downloads gives a good indication about how interesting ExcelCalcs users will find the expanded calculation.
  4. Add a Wikipedia calculation. Link a calculation to a page in wikipedia. This well used resource covers thousands of useful calculation topics.
  5. encode a webscriptMake an Excel version of a web based calculator. You can find many web based scripts for doing useful calculations. The trouble is they are fixed on a web page whereas an excel calculation is easily copied and integrated into your own calculation. ExcelCalcs users will find these calculations interesting and they are easy to validate by comparison with the web script results. Some good websites are http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/, http://www.esdep.org/members/master/, http://www.tribology-abc.com/, http://gowelding.com/, http://www.roymech.co.uk/, https://efatigue.com, http://www.engineersedge.com/, http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/, http://www.efunda.com/ ...
  6. Your specialist area. We all develop specialism’s what’s simple to you might be incredibly useful to others outside your specialism. Don’t underestimate your skills.
  7. Any subject and any discipline are very welcome. We seem to have a lot of engineering calculations but we’ll be interested in any subject that requires a calculation.
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