We can’t all be experts in everything but you can join the ExcelCalcs community and we’ll help you find a way forward through any calculation problem you encounter. The top five reasons for joining ExcelCalcs are:
  • The Best Live Calculation Documents – XLC is simply the easiest way to produce readable live calculations. Calculations can be widely distributed in the ubiquitous Excel format. Excel users can learn how to use XLC in minutes simply by watching our on-line tutorials.
  • Knowledge Capture - Avoid ‘Wheel Reinvention’ and search our repository to adapt a live calculation to your particular problem. You’ll be reassured to find that 80% of most problems have already been done.
  • Access to Experts – Our downloads are supported by their authors - use the ‘forum link’ button to discuss your problem with experts around the world. 
  • Live Support - Our Live Support instant messaging feature means someone is on hand to guide you to good content.
  • Download Management – Calculations are often changed, improved or corrected. Our  User Menu features will tell you exactly what you have downloaded and whether or not and update is available. If you have a particular interest in a specific calculation you can use our ‘subscribe feature’ and we’ll send you an email if the calculation is discussed.

Site visitors can see calculation previews, XLC Ed free subscribers can use a trial version of XLC but only XLC Pro subscribers can use XLC commercially and have access to the calculation repository. Sign up for an XLC Pro subscription now!

Repository News

Take a look at the new repository uploads since our last newsletter. XLC Pro Subscribers can download them from the ExcelCalcs site.

FileFlexure and Torsion of Single Angles
Spreadsheet to calculate the flexural and torsion stress of a equal leg angles. ...
Single simple beam under vertical loads. How to Give User Feedback ...
The solution for a moment applied to a simply supported beam. Calculation Refer...
Solution for trapesoidal load on a simply supported beam. Calculation Reference...
FilePCI stud tension breakout
This spreadsheet is based on the procedure presented in the 7th edition of PCI D...
FileProperties of Dry Air.xls
The properties of dry air at various temperatures. Specific Heat Capacity at co...
FileRam-Luff Crane.xls
The ram luff crane spreadsheet works out the b...
FileSheave Shaft.xls
Design of a sheave pin. Calculation Reference Sheave and Pulle...


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