Calculator for assessment of coldformed steel structures to AS4600

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A simple calculator for making assessement of structural components to the Australian coldformed steel structures code AS4600. It requires:



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Structural Analysis
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Section Properties
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03 Dec 2013
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03 Dec 2013
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Conrad Harrison
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156.35 Kb
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#17 InfoJunkie65 2016-09-25 06:49
Have prepared a blog post with general information on setting up MS Excel environment for using my spreadsheets. Activating the add-in, updating the links, and making modifications which may be caused by using other versions of Excel. The spreadsheets are created in Excel 2003, the post is based on opening files in Excel 2016.
#16 InfoJunkie65 2013-12-03 03:29
Revised the workbook, now needs an updated version of schTechLIB. I removed the hard coded constant referring to location of MS Access materials library, and replaced with a function which gets information from AppEnvVar worksheet in the workbook.

Its a compromise as, the calculations become invalid when the workbook is not the currently active workbook {eg. it cannot find the database, unless AppEnvVar is in every workbook.}

So I may need to develop a configuration and/or installation macro, with config file.

Shouldn't need MS Access for it to work.
#15 InfoJunkie65 2013-11-24 01:44
I attempted to upload a revised version. But something went wrong, and got a server error. Will try again later.
#14 InfoJunkie65 2013-11-22 08:54
Been looking at the workbook, it seems it uses the MS Access database (struMtrl.mdb) for material properties, behind the functions. This was so that can call the functions with the minimum number of parameters from any workbook. There is a public constant (MtrlDB) in the TechLIB vba code which needs to be changed.

You don't need MS Access, the vba code makes use of DAO, which should be available on all Win XP computers.

I will need to think about how to make the constant into a variable which can be adjusted to suit the users environment.

I will revise the TechLIB and AS4600 workbooks. Adding a macro to update links.
#13 InfoJunkie65 2013-11-21 23:46
Hi studoc,

There is one other random irritation with using .xla's. If you switch the add-in off, then look at the cell with #NAME? you should see the path to the workbook where the function is located. Switch the add-in back on and the path disappears. Some times this path is not updated.

With the add-in switched off, and the paths visible do a search/replace for the invalid path and replace with correct path. Then switch add-in back on.

Top right hand corner of worksheet is where I store the path, for when the hiccup occurs. Usually only occurs when I move drives.

Also in windows XP, the "Shared Documents" folder is an alias, the full path is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents . Excel should use the full path not the alias.

I rarely ever use the My Documents and Shared Documents alias's, but usually they get converted into the full paths inside software.

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