Dr Shaiq Khan is a Chartered Structural Engineer working freelance in the building trade. In his day to day work, he develops and uses spreadsheets for the design and maintenance of buildings. This enables him to enhance the quality of work for his clients. He is generous enough to share his technical expertise with fellow professionals. More details at his website.

Shaiq's Calculations

FileStresses Beneath Pads Under Eccentric Loads
FileAnalysis & Design of Weld Groups
FileIndian Steel Sections
FileHistoric 1939 UK Steel Section Properties
FileUK Steel Section Properties
FileSafe Loads in Axial Compression to BS449
FileCapacities of Bolts and Welds to BS449: Part 2
FileCapacities of Bolts and Welds to BS5950-1
FileCrane Design Guide to BS 5950
FileBS 5950 Circular Hollow members
FileUnits Conversion
FileContinuous Beam Analysis (up to 4 spans)
FileLoads beneath Rigid Pile Caps or Rafts
FileReinforced Concrete Circular Columns
FileReinforced Concrete Rectangular Columns
FileRC Rectangular Section Design to BS8110: Part 1 & 2
FileReinforced Concrete Sections to BS 8007