ExcelCalcs is a club whose members share an interest in making calculations with MS Excel. Members submit calculations which are reviewed by us and published if we think they will be of use to our community. You can discuss any calculation with the author by adding a comment on the download page as these are automatically forwarded to the author's registered email address. We charge members an annual subscription fee to cover administration, development and hosting costs. We offer 50% discounts to academic members and free membership to site contributors.

Calculation previews show what each calculation contains but we do not sent out calculations for trial purposes. We do not offer any warranty of the calculations. Review the table below and then use the 'Select Your Subscription' button to proceed.

To join ExcelCalcs please first take out a free subscription. You can then upgrade to a paid Pro subscription. If you are entitled to academic discount, please first register your free subscription then write to us using your academic email.

Choose a plan that's right for you

Hover over ticks and crosses for further detail. Free Registration A little taste of what we have to offer XLC Ed Reduced price for students and teachers XLC Pro (12M) For engineering professionals and corporations
Website & Calculation Repository
Repository Trial Folder - Access to just a few files from the Repository.
Full Repository access (20 downloads per 24hrs)
Hide site Google Ads
Document control and update notification
Forum access to expert community
Commercial use of Repository downloads.
XLC add-in Software for Excel
XLC Add-in
Full XLC equation functionality
XLC Multiple installations
XLC support
Commercial use of XLC add-in
Payment and Subscription Duration
Instant site access with Credit Card, Stripe or PayPal
Full 12 month term applied on sign up
Volume Discount
Alternative Payment methods
On-site training/engineering consultancy.
Subscription duration 3 month 12 month 12 month
Cost of subscription Free $49 USD $99 USD
Additional requirements. None Must register using your academic email address None
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How We Work

We charge members an annual subscription fee. Members can run our XLC software on up to 3 machines provided it is for their exclusive use. Members can use our repository downloads for their own work but may not distribute them. Other people and colleagues need their own subscription. Everyone is required to complete a simple registration process and respond to an email confirmation link.

The Misconception
The Truth Why choose a paid subscription?
I can only use the free XLC trial subscription for 30 days. XLC will continue to work in the trial mode. You can re-subscribe to our free XLC trial subscription as many times as you like to download the latest version. Only XLC Pro & XLC Ed subscribers have no restricted functionality.
I can’t pay by credit card. PayPal allows you to pay by credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account (look out for the "Don't have a PayPal account?" option on the PayPal login page). We use PayPal because it is a safe and trusted brand. We never keep any of your financial information it's all between you and PayPal.
I can only send my XLC calculation to other users with XLC. XLC allows you to save your work as a native Excel file and you can send this work to anyone you like. Only XLC Pro & XLC Ed subscribers can save in native Excel format.
I can only install XLC on one machine. Install it on up to 3 machines provided it is for the subscribers use only. Only XLC Pro subscribers are licensed to run the software for commercial use.
I can’t trust calculations in the Repository files. We go to great lengths to provide calculation quality controls and verification tools. However the bottom line is we assume no responsibility for the calculations distributed by our community. Only XLC Pro & XLC Ed subscribers can download from the repository.
I can't discuss a calculation with it's author. All comments raised on the calculation's download page are sent automatically to the calculation author. Its a great way to access expert knowledge. Only XLC Pro & XLC Ed subscribers raise comments with the calculation author.
Access to some material is restricted. XLC Pro & XLC Ed get immediate and unrestricted access to everything on the site. Access is only limited for the free trial subscription. Only XLC Pro & XLC Ed subscribers can download from the repository.
I can’t use Repository files when my subscription expires. Repository downloads are normal excel files with no timeout features. They are not password protected and can be modified to customise to your own particular problems. Only XLC Pro & XLC Ed subscribers can download from the repository.
I can't afford it. Finding just one repository calculation saves days of time compare to writing your own. The time saved will easily offset your subscription charge. Only XLC Pro & XLC Ed subscribers can download from the repository.
I can't afford it. Use our free XLC trial subscription then contribute a calculation for a free XLC Pro subscription. Many of our members enjoy free lifetime membership because their calculations are so amazing.
I will be locked into an annual payment. You can change to our free XLC trial subscription at any time or you can contribute for a free XLC Pro subscription. We need your support as contributors as much as your financial support.
I must submit calculations using XLC and the XLC template. We don’t mean to be prescriptive just follow our good calculation guide as far as practical but many repository calculations depart from it. Only XLC Pro & XLC Ed subscribers can download from the repository.

See our frequently asked question section for further information.

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