XLC Pro - No watermarks or hyperlinks.XLC Pro Mode

- If you use XLC for commercial purposes you need to pay for a paid XLC subscription. One subscription is required for each XLC user. Choose an XLC paid plan and no restrictions apply to XLC or the ExcelCalcs site whilst your subscription is active. You will be prompted to renew your subscription just before it expires. If you allow your paid XLC subscription to expire XLC continues to work but it reverts to a restricted trial mode (see below). 

XLC Ed - Watermarks and hyperlinks to ExcelCalcs.comXLC Trial Mode - The following restrictions apply.

  • XLC is strictly for non-commercial use.
  • XLC renders some equations with a watermark stating "Non-commercial use."
  • XLC renders equations with a hyperlink to the ExcelCalcs site.
  • XLC disables the following button Delete XLC Functions“Delete XLC Functions”.
  • No Repository downloads.
We are very grateful to users who support us by choosing our XLC paid subscription plan. Your fees pay for software development, new repository calculations and site enhancement.
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