The list below shows the top site calculation authors (the most prolific author listed first). Follow the links to see what each author has published at ExcelCalcs. Authors can change any details shown on this page or their profile page by selecting the "Profile" link from user menu.

1 John Doyle United Kingdom
2 Alex Tomanovich United States
3 Turan Babacan Turkey
4 Conrad Harrison Australia
5 Stuart Gaunt United Kingdom
6 Mohamed Abu Shady Egypt
7 Mike Jones United States
9 Shaiq Khan United Kingdom
10 Roland Cranford United States
11 Michael Haise United States
12 Bernard Barnéoud Canada
13 Rahul United States of America
14 David United States of America
15 David Hunter Australia
16 imaduddin United Arab Emirates
17 Wilfred B. Lotino Philippines
18 Yakov Polyakov United States of America
19 David Levy United States
20 Dennis Kirk-Burnnand Australia
21 Roy Beardmore United Kingdom
22 David Backhouse United Kingdom
23 Ryan Darwin Philippines
24 Steven Capri
25 David York United States of America
26 Maiwand Khan Afghanistan
27 yener Turkey
28 Doug Jenkins Australia
29 Mick Bull United Kingdom
30 Harish Kumar Mahavar India
31 Mario dela Cuadra Australia
32 Nasrul M Asral Malaysia
33 Anil Kapour France
34 Doug United States of America
35 Kalitko United Kingdom
36 Raymundo N. Pescadero Canada
37 James OReilly Canada
38 Will Van Leeuwen Australia
39 Kjetil Thomassen Norway
40 Clyde Hancock United States of America