Because we use Moodle and single sign on for everything, choice of usernames is restricted.

Please take care to choose a username that contains ONLY lower case letters (a to z), numbers (0-9), hyphen (-), underscore (_), period/fullstop (.).

If you chose a username some time ago that does not meet these rules, we have automatically changed it. Your old username will still work for login at present, but please move to using the new one. You can find your current username under "My Account" and "Profile".

If your username did not meet the current rules and has been automatically changed, the old username will NOT work for password reset. If you are not sure what is your current username, please visit the username reminder page. Your current username will be emailed to you.

Educational Discount

Educational discount gives teachers and students all the benefits of an XLC Pro subscription at a reduced cost. Intended for teaching and learning purposes only and expressly must not be used in a commercial application. Please use the contact us facility, addressed to "Educational Discount". You are required to use an email address associated with your educational establishment. We will send you a coupon for a 50% discount on the standard XLC Pro subscription.

Free Registration

1 Month

Register for a Free but Limited Trial.

You may trial our XLC software and access to a small trial folder to see how Repository downloads work. If you are happy with your trial you may then upgrade to a paid subscription plan for full access to all downloads on the site. Compare subscription plans and pricing.
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