Copy OVD()/UND() to clipboard XLC has some special functions to control what will displayed OVer the Division line, OVD(), and UNder the Division line, UND(). E.g. the formula "=OVD(1)/UND(2)" will be displayed in fractional form. Using XLC you are likely to type the construct "OVD()/UND()" many times. Use the “Copy OVD()/UND() to clipboard” button and paste into a cell formula using the CTRL+V shortcut. It's a simple but effective time saver.

Play movie - Copy OVD()/UND()
A simple tool to save time typing XLC OVD()/UND() functions.

What does OVD()/UND() do?



Failure to position the functions in this order OVD()/UND() will result in the following error "#OVD()/UND() function misuse. Check that OVD() occurs immediately before / and UND() occurs immediately after /.#"

OVD()/UND() functions cannot be nested. 

German Version of Excel

UND() is used as the logical AND() function in German versions of MS Excel. To prevent conflicts:

    UDI() can be optionally used in place of UND().

    and for the sake of consistency ODI() can be optionally used in place of OVD().