MoreVision supply analysis services to support the oil industry and have undertaken a number of projects to validate of design of oil extraction equipment.

Subsea Equipment Assessment of Trawler Snagging Loads:
flowbase.jpg snag.gifLC1.gif
Sub-sea oil equipment may be snagged by fishing trawler nets. Our assessment considered if the equipment was capable of withstanding such loads. Forces on the leg joint to the main structure was stressed beyond yield but the analysis showed acceptable levels of plasticity and the permanent set in the leg.

Sleeve Analysis:
These analyses consider one concentric part within another. Its is possible to make use of axisymetric models which allows for very detailed modelling without a massive computational effort. Often it is necessary to use contact elements as an inner part subject to a high internal pressure may expand and be supported by the external part. Sometimes the analysis is used to consider the performance of a seal as each part deflects.

Pipe Stress Analysis:
Stresses in pipes and pipe attachment points is considered to the requirements of ASME.

Valve Stress Analysis:
Valves are subject to enormous pressures, this analysis ensured that stresses remain within the limits prescribed by ASME III.
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