coold.gifWhen a component is subject to extreme temperatures or a high thermal flux its is often necessary to perform a thermal analysis to determine the temperature distribution throughout the component. This will check that operational temperature limits of constituent parts are not exceeded or to determine the need for safety guards to protect personnel from extreme heat (or cold).

Typically model includes boundary temperatures, heat input/output, the relevant conduction properties, convection surface details and radiation surface details.
conduct.gif   convect.gif


ANSYS Script Generators
Often a large number of items require assessment and Morevision have developed ANSYS script generators to speed up the process of assessment. The model size has been reduced in these examples by taking benefit of axi-symmetry.

 Thermal Analysis

thermal.gifThree variants of a  water cooled electrical motor stator were modelled, each variant had a slightly different method of cooling. Heat inputs and convection surfaces were applied to the model and the steady state  temperature distribution was determined. This gave the information the designers required to choose the most efficient cooling system.