Simple Harmonic Motion for Isolated Assembly



This calculator assumes that the user has picked a candidate vibration isolator and wishes to verify its function with the assembly to be isolated. In the design of assemblies isolated from vibration, the isolator must be matched to the body in terms of natural or resonant frequency. More accurately, the natural frequencies must be MIS-matched, ideally by a factor greater than √2. (The assembly's resonance should be approximately 40% greater --or more-- than the isolator resonance.) Often the natural frequency and spring rate of an isolator candidate is given by the manufacturer and the natural frequency of the system must be calculated. Assuming that the assembly is simple enough that it can be modeled as a lump mass (or rigid rotational body) in "simple harmonic motion," these equations will calculate the system's natural frequency.

Calculation Reference
Steinberg, Preventing Thermal Cycling and Vibration Failures in Electronic Equipment
Harmonic Motion

Calculation Preview

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02 Jan 2009
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Jason B Mansfield Sr

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