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Program provides quick estimation of wind turbine power capacity, using the rotor size and the wind vilocity. Air density, which is part of the calculation, may be entered from standard chart, or calculated depending on elevation and ambient temperature.

To estimate the power capacity of a wind turbine, you can use the rotor size (swept area) and the wind velocity. The power available in the wind can be calculated using the following formula:

P_wind = 0.5 * ρ * A * V^3


  • P_wind: Power available in the wind (in watts)
  • ρ: Air density (in kg/m³), which is approximately 1.225 kg/m³ at sea level and 20°C
  • A: Swept area of the rotor (in m²), calculated as A = π * (D/2)^2, where D is the rotor diameter
  • V: Wind velocity (in m/s)

However, wind turbines cannot capture all the power available in the wind due to the Betz limit, which states that the maximum power coefficient (Cp) for a wind turbine is 59.3%. Taking this into account, the estimated power output of a wind turbine can be calculated as:

P_turbine = Cp * P_wind


  • P_turbine: Power output of the wind turbine (in watts)
  • Cp: Power coefficient, which has a maximum value of 0.593

Keep in mind that this is a simplified estimation of the wind turbine power capacity. In practice, the actual power output will depend on factors such as the efficiency of the generator, gearbox, and other components, as well as the wind turbine's specific power curve. Additionally, the wind velocity can vary significantly at different heights and locations, so it is important to use site-specific wind data to obtain accurate estimates of wind turbine power capacity.

Calculation Preview

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