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This file can be downloaded by subscribers to our free trial account!

A more up to date version of the program is available called XLC Ribbon. This version of this software may also be downloaded. This is compatible with all versions later than Excel 2007 including both 32 bit versions of Excel and 64 bit versions of Excel.


Description - XLC software enhances MS Excel so that cell formulae can be displayed as mathematical equations and your worksheets read like textbooks.

To install XLC download the zip file and run setup.exe. XLC works with Excel 2000, Excel 2003, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 (all 32 bit versions). Please note that XLC does not work with 64 bit versions of Excel.

Note: XLC Toolbar version reading a file created in XLC Ribbon version: if a calculation was created in the ribbon version of XLC and is subsequently loaded up by the toolbar version of XLC you will be warned that the document is linked to other data sources. Select "Don't Update" and open the document. You will see some #NAME? errors where XLC functions are used. When you examine the formula you will see something like 'C:Program Files (x86)XLCXLC.xlam'!OVD(...) - Simply use Excels Find and Replace functions to remove "'C:Program Files (x86)XLCXLC.xlam'!" and replace with "".

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01 Sep 2013
File Size: 973.24 Kb
Downloads: 27901
File Version: 13.09.02
File Rating (5/119)

Full download access to any calculation is available to users with a paid or awarded subscription (XLC Pro).
Subscriptions are free to contributors to the site, alternatively they can be purchased.
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Comments: 11
johndoyle[admin] 11 years ago
The expiration date for trial users has been removed.
johndoyle[admin] 11 years ago
Expiration date for XLC Trial users extended to 30th September 2013.
johndoyle[admin] 11 years ago
XLC "Name" button fixed - this was not functioning in v 12.12.02. Many thanks to Tom Patterson for reporting this in.
Expiration date for XLC Trial users extended to 30th March 2013.
johndoyle[admin] 12 years ago
I have always created zip files using Windows Vista. I recently upgraded to Wondows 7 and I am left wondering if this is the reason for the recent increase in users reporting problems with the zip file. I have just uploaded version 12.09.02 which is exactly the same as 12.09.01 but I have created the zip file using the [7-zip utility from sourceforge](https://sourceforge.net/projects/sevenzip/). I would be grateful for any feedback on this.
johndoyle[admin] 12 years ago
Functionality change:
Auto XLC button button switched to off when Excel starts up.
Bug fix:
Equation progress counter fix for equations without equation numbering.
Other changes:
Extension of the expiration date for XLC Trial subscribers.
johndoyle[admin] 12 years ago
Extension of the expiration date for XLC Trial subscribers.
johndoyle[admin] 12 years ago
Re-grouping of XLC buttons.
Correction to 'Email' button.
Change of expiration date for XLC Trial users to 30th April 2012.
johndoyle[admin] 13 years ago
Minor bug change with redrawing equations with numbering, whose behaviour was not the same as redrawing without equations when the cell was named above.
johndoyle[admin] 13 years ago
Modified the functionality of the "show equation" button so that it will skip any formulas in hidden rows. This is very handy if you are working with the ExcelCalcs calculation template so you can hide the column with formulas to select units and the "show equation" button finds the important calculations in the preceding column.
johndoyle[admin] 13 years ago
Minor modifications and extension of the expiration date for XLC Trial subscribers.
dirkels 15 years ago
This very usefull tool when you have 89 plus formulas in spreadsheet to check!
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