Complete Water Supply Treatment Plant



Complete Water Supply Treatment Plant

Calculation of Water Demand

Physical & Chemical Standards Of Water

Comparison of Given Data & Standard Data and Treatment Proposed

Design of Intake Well

Design of Pen Stock & Bell Mouth Strainer

Design of Gravity Main

Design of Jack Well

Design Of Pumping System

Design of Rising Main

Treatment Units - Design Of Aeration Unit

Design Of Chemical House & Calculation Of Chemical Dose

Lime - Soda Process

Design Criteria for Mechanical Rapid Mix Unit

Design Of Clariflocculator

Design Of Rapid Gravity Filter

Design Of Disinfection Unit 

Calculation Reference
Water Supply
Design of Water Supply
Water Supply Treatment Plant

Calculation Preview

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05 Jun 2015
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Harish Kumar Mahavar

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BABACAN 9 years ago
Congratulations. An invaluable calculation.
HarishKumarMahavar 9 years ago
JohnDoyle[Admin] 9 years ago
A very comprehensive calculation. I have extended your XLC Pro subscription by 12 months by way of thanks.