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The attached spreadsheet is Compressible Flow parameter calculator can be used for any value of gamma and gas constant R by changing it’s value in the cell.

a compressible flow parameter calculator can be used for any value of gamma and gas constant R, as long as the input values are consistent with the units used by the calculator. The compressible flow parameter calculator typically requires inputs such as the Mach number, the specific heat ratio (gamma), the gas constant (R), and the static or stagnation conditions (e.g. pressure, temperature, density, or velocity) of the gas.

As long as the user enters the correct values for gamma and R based on the gas being analyzed, the calculator will produce accurate results. For example, the value of gamma for air is approximately 1.4, while the value of R for air is approximately 287 J/kg-K. If the user is analyzing a gas with different values of gamma and R, they would need to enter the correct values for these parameters in the calculator to obtain accurate results.

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07 Jun 2021
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A nice debut calculation! I have awarded a three month XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks.