Velocity Pressure for Nozzle (Sprinkler)



I had a colleague struggling with velocity pressure calculations for one of his  NICET IV exam so I put he following together for him to be able to follow the process and recreate them by hand if necessary. The hand calc is  less fun because it is an iterative process, much more easily handled by goal seek.

Note that in my spreadsheet I have  the macro built in and the file is an .xlsm file, but this is a basic .xlsx file without the macro (internet safe). However, reprogramming the goal seek or just manually doing it should be intuitive for anyone using the calc.

Calculation Reference
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Nozzle Design
Velocity Pressure for Nozzle Sprinkler

Calculation Preview

Submitted On:
10 Oct 2012
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75.33 Kb
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Scott Peach

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