-axial load
-moment load
-horizontal load
-deflections diagrams
-forces diagrams
-lateral capacity
-axial capacity
-rc design
(winkler soil model and FEM)

Calculation Reference
Soil Mechanics
The Finite Element Method
Design of Piles
Reinforced Concrete Design

Calculation Preview

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08 Jun 2011
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267.73 Kb
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Turan Babacan

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mikecoyle 10 months ago
English Units please!
basit_991 1 year ago
How to download this?
kajaleng 2 years ago
there is no download options
Heinzig 4 years ago
Very nice.
(If available in English units, would be very cool.)
I wish it was available in English Units for use in the US. Thank you!
raf08 9 years ago
good afternoon
to open the file and enable macros in your spreadsheet
mark me that no conflict with the spreadsheet and sends me this:
Removed Records: Named range from / xl / workbook.xml part (Book)
I need you indicate me what is the reason that I can think of this.
Greetings from mexico
hades3 9 years ago
BABACAN 9 years ago
do you have it in english units?
b1akeh 11 years ago
I think this spreadsheet is very nice. I wish it was available in English Units so I could use it without conversions here in the US. Thank you
BABACAN 12 years ago
Version 1.4
was a very important change.
BABACAN 12 years ago
Version 1.3.
feature for more than one pile.
S for long feature wall.
"loads" menu.
3 According to D load analysis. changed. b has been compared to.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 12 years ago
Turan thanks for the update! Works fine in 2010 but the MMINVERSE() function in Excel 2003 must be less than 56 x 56 = 3136 cells so it will only run in Excel 2010 (we have seen this issue before). I also wondered if you would use the forum link to tell us what has changed in version 1.3 - but as always Turan this is another piece of Excel gold!
BABACAN 12 years ago
This files has been improved and updated to version 1.2
BABACAN 12 years ago
This files has been improved and updated to version 1.1
BABACAN 12 years ago
I'm glad to be useful.
Almtokl 12 years ago
Thank you very much for this wonderful and well presented calculation sheet
JohnDoyle[Admin] 12 years ago
There is a free Microsoft compatibility pack download. I use this with Excel 2003 and I can open any Excel file format including Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. Here is the link. I suggest that all our users using Excel 2000 or Excel 2003 install it because increasingly we receive xlsx file formats from users uploading to the repository.
jtdaley33 12 years ago
I have MS Excel 2003 and am not able to use this file due to it being created in a later version of Excel.
Can it be saved in a generic version of Excel?