Bearing Capacity



Purpose of calculation:    
Determine the ultimate bearing capacity if the water table is well below the foundation level and if the water table is at the surface.   
Calculation Reference   
Craig Soil Mechanics. R.F. Craig   
Calculation Validation   
Reproduction of a sample calculation from a published calculation reference.   

Calculation Reference
Craig's Soil Mechanics
Soil Mechanics

Calculation Preview

Submitted On:
21 Mar 2011
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271.00 Kb
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File Author:
Stuart Gaunt

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Comments: 3
hades3 9 years ago
JohnDoyle[Admin] 11 years ago
As a mechanical engineer I am not too familiar with the calculation method but the calculation works fine for me even when I change units. I see above that the calculation requires the XLC addin to be installed and perhaps this lies at the root of your problem (see FAQ). I imagine you will get the same formula errors any time your sheet recalculates. I hope this comment is helpful.
Pfleming 11 years ago
The program does not work... When I change to US units and enter the data the results come up with ? marks and no solutions.