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Pile design following methods in Foundation Design 2nd Edt'n by Donald Coduto coverin:

  • Timber Piles
  • Pipe Piles
  • Bored Piles

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Foundation Design 2nd Edt'n by Donald Coduto
Foundation Design
Structural Foundations

Pile design following the methods in 'Foundation Design' 2nd Ed. by Donald Coduto involves the following steps:

  1. Determine the soil properties, such as the soil type, unit weight, angle of internal friction, and cohesion.
  2. Determine the depth of the foundation, the width of the foundation, and the shape of the foundation.
  3. Determine the design loads, which include the dead load, live load, wind load, earthquake load, or any other loads that may act on the foundation.
  4. Select a suitable type of pile, such as driven piles, drilled shafts, or micropiles.
  5. Determine the capacity of the pile using one of the following methods: a. Static pile load test, which involves applying a static load to the pile and measuring the deflection and load. b. Dynamic pile load test, which involves measuring the acceleration of the pile and calculating the ultimate capacity using an empirical formula. c. Analytical methods based on the soil properties and the pile geometry, such as the Broms method, the Vesic method, or the Meyerhof method.
  6. Calculate the allowable capacity of the pile by applying a factor of safety to the ultimate capacity, typically ranging from 2.0 to 3.0.
  7. Determine the required size and length of the pile based on the allowable capacity and the design loads.
  8. Determine the required reinforcement and concrete strength for cast-in-place concrete piles or the required steel section and welds for steel piles.
  9. Determine the required spacing and pattern of the piles based on the allowable capacity and the design loads.
  10. Prepare construction specifications and drawings for the pile foundation.

The analysis and design of piles can be further refined by considering other factors, such as the presence of groundwater, the effect of soil stratification, and the effect of soil consolidation. The analysis can also be performed using computer software or spreadsheet programs, which can provide more accurate and efficient results.

Overall, the design of piles following the methods in 'Foundation Design' 2nd Ed. by Donald Coduto provides a rigorous and systematic approach to design and construct foundations that can support the required loads and ensure the stability and safety of the structures.

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