Consolidation settlement due to embankment load and additional external load



This excel calculate consolidation settlement due to embankment load and additional external load e.g. railway construction on fill. Addional stresses  in each depth increment  due to both loads are calculated based on stress on elastic foundation theory. Consolidation settlement then estiamated based on coefficeint compressibility. The program calculates additional stress due to embankent and external load.  It also estimates the settlement at the middle of the embankment. Finally the program gives preliminarly design of vertical drain. Output  graphs can be seen on graph sheets.Change only yellow cells!'@MYUSA 2016

Calculation Reference
Consolidation settlement
settlement due to external load

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21 Apr 2017
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574.08 Kb
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Muhamad Yusa

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howwm 2 months ago
Error in Sp(m) calculation, check height layer
JohnDoyle[Admin] 6 years ago
Lovely debut calculation I have awarded a free 3 month XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks. Please see our uploading guidance and check how to update the calculation in the future.