Drilling is typically performed using rotary drilling techniques and an external water flush with special drill rods and bits. Upon completion of the advancement of the drill rods to the design depth, the jet grouting process commences. The grout is injected through radial nozzles at high pressure and velocity, destroying the soil matrix and forming structural elements.
Many structures and geometries can be achieved by altering the parameters of the jetting procedure. The illustrated procedure details the creation of a jet grout column by continuous rotation of the drill string and controlled pre-set lifting increments.

Calculation Reference
Jet Grouting

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23 May 2014
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74.91 Kb
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Turan Babacan

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JohnDoyle[Admin] 8 years ago
I am very pleased you have resolved your problems Audeser. Turan has published some fantastic material on the site and I'm sure he'll get back to you regarding the source of his methodology.
audeser 8 years ago
Thanks John (thanks also to Turan). The Worksheet absolutelly do not need the XLC add-in, but behaves the same way with the range name... it has no more effect as the add-in and the worksheet work perfectly even halting this error. And related to XLC, yes, it said it was succesfully installed, was active in Complements... but didn't get to the ribbon. I had to copy the XLMA to the Complements folder and load from there... strange (MS Office 2010 trial version... MS do not let me move my license of 2013 to my new PC :-x )
The CK11 I think is not a VLook error, is something not well linked in the final version.
I finally unprotected the worksheet (sorry there) and translated it to spanish, as I needed to do a report, wanted to know what data were really introduced by the user and what was imposed by the application, and finally, because I had a romboid distribution for the jet-grouting columns. Now is working perfectly for me :).
The big question I need to solve right now is the one related to the technical support for this methodology.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 8 years ago
The calculation does not require the XLC addin. It looks as though you have tried to install it but for some reason it has not done it successfully. I am not familiar with the Spanish version of Excel but the decimal separator "," instead of "." may cause problems. I too noticed errors in some of the named cell references but this may be benign. I also changed the value in MENU!CK11 and saw that #NA errors. These originate from VLOOKUP functions. May I suggest that Turan, the calculation author, takes a look at the following video to use trendline equations rather than VLOOKUP functions. It will be good to teach him a trick after he has shown me many of his :lol:
audeser 8 years ago
I get the ExcelCalc suite in order to run the Jet Grouting Analysis & Design Worksheet. Didn't get to work at first.
Sadly, when using MsOffice 2010-2013 (Spanish language versions both cases) I get systematically the following error with the XLC suite:
When opening it detects bad range Name pointing to "/xl/workbook.xml", the report error from Excel:
- error040120_01.xml Se han detectado errores en el archivo "C:\Program Files (x86)\XLC\XLC.xlam" - Registros quitados: Rango con nombre de /xl/workbook.xml parte (Libro)
Registers deleted: range with name /xl/Workbook.xml (Workbook)
Also, the error is reproduced with the Jet Grouting Analysis & Design Worksheet, the report error from Excel: - error040120_02.xml Se han detectado errores en el archivo "C:\Users\user\Downloads\JET_GROUT_ANALYSIS_&_DESIGN_1.1.xlsx" - Excel ha completado la validación y reparación en nivel de archivo. Puede que se hayan reparado o descartado algunas partes de este libro. - Registros quitados: Rango con nombre de /xl/workbook.xml parte (Libro)
In English something like:
Excel has completed validation and reparation in file level. Maybe it can be repaired or deleted some parts of this workbook.
Registers deleted: range with name /xl/Workbook.xml (Workbook)
Continuing with Jet Grouting Analysis & Design Worksheet there are some errors with range names (CTRL+F3):
A --> Seems to be "load area of a column" = Ai
Cn -->
g --> gravity?
L --> z?
qz -->
sbc -->
scoran -->
Sult -->
Ts -->
Yp -->
Everything went working if CK11 is defined as range name, I tried with Fsurface (F range name gives a conflict) and reformulated CK22 to be: "=62,14*N^0,219*H^0,23*Fsurface"
Sorry if my english is not right, but I think this should be:
O9 (Horizontal spacing)
AM19 (adhesion)
AM17 (cohesion)
The same for the report Sheet
If using not english regional settings, Data validation List will give an error in CK11, as they are defined with "." decimal separator inside the List allowed values. Better option, will be to leave a column in the sheet with this values, so Excel will modify them to satisfy new regional settings conf.
Last, and not the least, will be very valuable to have references to the calculation method, as this worksheet can't be used for a professional report if user just can't justify why some values are assumed. I could not find any references to bibliography or where this methodology come from. Please give me a hint so I can dig further.
Kind regards
BABACAN 9 years ago
version 1.1
Report page has been added.
Was added to the flowchart.
General improvements were made.
BABACAN 9 years ago
version 1.1
Report page has been added.
Was added to the flowchart.
General improvements were made.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 10 years ago
Another great calculation Turan - you'll make a civil engineer out of this mechanical engineer if you are not careful ;-)