Static Capacity Auger Pressure Grouted Displacement Piles



Augered, pressure-injected displacement (APID) piles develop significantly higher capacities than conventional augercast (APG) piles in loose to medium dense, granular materials. During APID installation, a Ko to Kp environment is created in the materials surrounding the pile immediately prior to casting, and this condition results in increased shaft resistance in soils where displacement leads to densification. Current augercast design methodologies assume a Ko to Ka condition in the vicinity of the pile, and thus the body of knowledge associated with conventional APG piles would be expected to be a conservative base line from which to begin assessing the capacity APID pile systems. 

Calculation Reference
Augered, pressure-injected displacement (APID) piles
Augercast (APG) piles
Pile Design

Calculation Preview

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13 Jun 2014
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Nathan Bryan

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