ASME Flange Design Calculation



Flange qualified for B31.3 service per 304.5.1(b) using ASME BPVC Section VIII Division 1 App.2. Alternatively flange may be qualified for B31.3 per 304.7.2(a) 'extensive successful service'. Items highlighted in Blue are information from drawing. Items highlighted in Orange are information estimated by engineer. Calculation checks: Flange Stresses, Bolting Criteria, Weld Criteria, Rigidity Criteria, Gasket Seating Condition Satisfied, MAWP based on Bolt Stress, MAWP based on Flange Stress and Total Permissible MAWP.

Calculation Preview

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06 Feb 2020
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Connor Kaufmann

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zychartur 8 months ago
Can't download without a paid subscription. Bogus 10 months ago
LuisJaraCollantes 1 year ago
I want to try the tool, I cannot download the spreadsheet
Russell Bowe 2 years ago
Hello Conner I've Downloaded your flange design sheet,I'm getting a '
#NAME?' error I think it's looking for the file below, is there something additional I need to download?
='C:\Program Files (x86)\XLC\XLC.xlam'!EQS(E21,'Units= ; EqnPrefix=Eqn. ; EqnNo= 0; Multiplication= 1; ShowWorking= 0; EqnStyle= 0; Eqp$F$21_2')
JohnDoyle[Admin] 2 years ago
I have extended your XLC Pro subscription by three months by way of thanks.