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The tool helps you design a Kriger shaped weir and results are displyed in a form which can be exported to AutoCAD to help you prepare your drawings. The curvature of the downstream face of the spillway ensures a smooth transition for the water flow.

Calculation Reference

Kriger Weir Design

Weir Design

Fluid Mechanics

The approach for weir design involves assessing the specific requirements of a project, analyzing the site conditions, and applying fluid mechanics principles to develop efficient, safe, and sustainable hydraulic structures. This process typically includes:

  1. Identifying project objectives, such as water management, flood control, or environmental protection.
  2. Conducting a site analysis to understand the hydrological, geological, and environmental factors that may influence the design.
  3. Selecting the appropriate type of weir (e.g., sharp-crested, broad-crested, or labyrinth) based on the project's requirements and site conditions.
  4. Applying fluid mechanics principles, such as flow rates, velocities, and pressures, to calculate the dimensions and specifications of the weir.
  5. Ensuring the weir design complies with relevant regulations, standards, and best practices for safety and sustainability.
  6. Collaborating with stakeholders, such as clients, government agencies, and environmental organizations, to address any concerns and optimize the design.
  7. Overseeing the construction process to ensure the weir is built according to the design specifications and functions as intended.

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