Animated 4-bar Linkage



Illustration of animation techniques in Excel. User can specify lengths of members and parameters controlling rotation of the crank. Uses both subroutines and user-defined functions in VBA. Macros must be enabled to run the animation.

Calculation Reference
Mechanisms and kinematics

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22 Jan 2009
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50.50 Kb
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Rodney L Huffman
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Comments: 5
JohnDoyle[Admin] 9 years ago
bobmo - if you change steps parameter (B11) to 360 then changing the index parameter changes the angle 1 degree per step :)
bobmo 9 years ago
Excellent! That helps with the stepping the linkage motion. How can I get the linkage to rotate, say 90 degrees, and return to 0.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 9 years ago
bobmo you can just change the index parameter or use the slider control to step through the animation.
bobmo 9 years ago
It would be great if you could stop the linkage during its run, and if you could cycle it +/- through and angle range.
Nice work!
rlhuffman 11 years ago
Thank you for your submission rlhuffman. We have rewarded you with a free 3 month XLC Pro subscription.