"AISCProp13.0.xls" is a MS-Excel spreadsheet workbook of AISC 13th Edition member properties in tabular form. This is the file that the AISC properties viewer that I posted earlier is based on. You can use this in your own spreadsheets, etc.

The data in this workbook is extracted from the file found on AISC 13th Edition CD accompanying the manual, but it is formatted differently, with individual worksheets for the various types of shapes. Also, the AISC database file and the manual do not exactly agree, nor do they have all the same data, so I had to add some of the data in manually.

I found some typo erros and omissions in the database as well as some typo errors in the manual. I have recently brought all these to the attention of AISC.

Calculation Preview

25 Feb 2012
File Size: 490.50 Kb
Downloads: 511
File Version: 1.3
File Author: Alex Tomanovich
File Rating (5/7)

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