Function AREA(ArrayOfCoordinates)<br />
Function AX(ArrayOfCoordinates)<br />
Function AY(ArrayOfCoordinates)<br />
Function IXO(ArrayOfCoordinates)<br />
Function IYO(ArrayOfCoordinates)<br />
Function IXYO(ArrayOfCoordinates)<br />
Function XBAR(ArrayOfCoordinates)<br />
Function YBAR(ArrayOfCoordinates)<br />
Function IXC(ArrayOfCoordinates)<br />
Function IYC(ArrayOfCoordinates)<br />
Function IXYC(ArrayOfCoordinates)<br />
Function IU(ArrayOfCoordinates)<br />
Function IV(ArrayOfCoordinates)<br />
Function THETA(ArrayOfCoordinates)

Courtesy of Interactive Design Services Pty Ltd - a small civil engineering consultancy based in Sydney, Australia, specializing in analysis, design, review and technical advice related to bridges and soil interaction structures such as retaining walls and buried structures. The principal of the company, Doug Jenkins, has over 30 years experience in the design and construction of bridges, retaining walls, and buried arch structures.

Calculation Preview

02 Jul 2008
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File Author: Doug Jenkins
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