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This is an adaptation of Andy Pope’s 3D scatter chart. I have used it to plot a 3D Helix. I think this chart may be of particular use to ExcelCalcs users but see the list of links to his website and other custom charts below.

For anyone interested in how Andy uses matricies to produce the 3D chart you might also wish to look at  transformation matrix.xls

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16 Sep 2009
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02 Nov 2009
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Comments: 3
JohnDoyle[Admin] 9 years ago
Maybe Turan's drawing utility is more useful?
rainaway 9 years ago
this one doesn't help me
JohnDoyle[Admin] 14 years ago
This is superb as there are no true 3D graphs with excel which can be quite restrictive. The spreadsheet is laid out for all the information required, than it is "play time"!
It will be used and reused that is for sure as soon a you download it. I downloaded it a few weeks back from Andy' site, and used it and will go on using it. For me, not having worked with maths formulas for an extensive time, it also served as a good kick to re use matrices, and there are no hidden tricks; all is there for you to follow up and use.