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This calculation determine the dimensions of a dike or basin and for which the volume of the excavated material is equalized with the volume of the back fill material. This is done via a VBA command using the Excel goal seek procedure. The file is bilingual (French-English) by the clicking on a button, and dimensions can be metric or imperial by similar action. The net dike volume is displayed and can be adjusted as required by changing one or more input data.

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To design a dike or basin where the volume of excavated material is equal to the volume of backfill material, you need to ensure that the volumes are balanced. Here's a simple example of how to approach this design:

  1. Determine the desired dimensions of the basin:

    • Length (L)
    • Width (W)
    • Depth (D)
  2. Calculate the volume of the basin:

    • Volume (V) = L * W * D
  3. Determine the dimensions of the backfill area:

    • Length (L_b)
    • Width (W_b)
    • Depth (D_b)
  4. Calculate the volume of the backfill area:

    • Volume (V_b) = L_b * W_b * D_b
  5. Balance the volumes:

    • To equalize the volumes, you need to ensure that V = V_b.

This simple example assumes that the excavated material and backfill material have the same characteristics, such as density, compaction, and moisture content. In practice, these factors may vary, and you may need to consider additional factors like soil settlement, environmental regulations, and safety requirements.

To obtain a more accurate design, it's essential to consult with a geotechnical engineer, who can analyze the site-specific conditions and provide recommendations based on soil tests, groundwater conditions, and other factors. Additionally, it's crucial to follow local regulations and guidelines for designing dikes and basins.

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28 Apr 2023
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