Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger MMT



Shell and Tube heat exchanger mean metal temperature estimation.

Average Tubeside Fluid Temperature

Hot End Tubeside Fluid Temperature

Cold End Tubeside Fluid Temperature

Tubeside Heat Transfer Coefficient

Tubeside Fouling Resistance

Average Shellside Fluid Temperature

Hot End Shellside Fluid Temperature

Cold End Shellside Fluid Temperature

Shellside Heat Transfer Coefficient

Shellside Fouling Resistance

Tube Outside Diameter

Tube Wall Thickness

Tube Inside Diameter

Tube Metal Thermal Conductivity

Tube Wall Resistance (Outside Area)

Tubesheet Thickness

Tubesheet Metal Thermal Conductivity

Tube Pitch

Tube Pitch Type (Toggle Code)

Baffle Type - (no) tubes in window

Baffle Cut (Percent of shell ID)

Tube Mean Metal Temperature

Shell Mean Metal Temperature

Hot Tubesheet Mean Temp (Tubed)

Hot Tubesheet Mean Temp (Un-Tubed)

Hot Tubesheet Temperature Average

Cold Tubesheet Mean Temp (Tubed)

Cold Tubesheet Mean Temp (Un-Tubed)

Cold Tubesheet Temperature Average


Calculation Reference

Heat Exchange

Thermal Analysis


Calculation Preview

02 Nov 2017
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ebastufan 4 years ago
how can I obtain the excel?
muruchem 4 years ago
hi sir i need this calculation sheet , i cant found download option, please mail me the excel sheet
johndoyle[admin] 7 years ago
I have extended your XLC Pro subscription by three months by way of thanks.
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