Backhoe Excavator Arm



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1) The repeated use of cosine rule (a2=b2+c2-2bccosA) for geometry calculations.

2) Calculating moments about a point and perpendicular distances to calculate forces.

3) Consider stability limits of the machine.

Calculation Reference
Machine Design

Mechanics of Materials

Calculation Preview

16 Jan 2020
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Comments: 8
JohnDoyle[Admin] 7 months ago
'r' is the position of the centre of gravity of all parts of the vehicle minus the excavator arm itself (chassis, cab, outriggers, wheel and front bucket). None of these parts will move when the boom is fully retracted so the position of 'r' remains unchanged as the geometry of the excavator arm changes. I hope this helps.
doosan 7 months ago
Can you tell me if machine CG 'r' has to be checked @ Boom fully retracted condition?
saseend 2 years ago
Can you please discribe about equation number 91
JohnDoyle[Admin] 2 years ago
Please read [FAQ](
guygardnerharris 4 years ago
Apologies for the multiple comments: coding bug on the webpage!
guygardnerharris 4 years ago
Dear John ... I downloaded and opened the Excel file, but I immediately got #NAME issues, because the formulae reference other sources (see screenshot).
Could you please adjust this within the spreadsheet itself, or perhaps forward the referenced files?
Many thanks in advance!
white0910 5 years ago
Excavator+Arm is not updating. Kindly send the procedure for updating the sheet...Thanks in advance
marshallj 15 years ago
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