Backhoe Excavator Arm



1) The repeated use of cosine rule (a2=b2+c2-2bccosA) for geometry calculations.

2) Calculating moments about a point and perpendicular distances to calculate forces.

3) Consider stability limits of the machine.

Calculation Reference
Machine Design
Mechanics of Materials

Calculation Preview

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16 Jan 2020
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496.30 Kb
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saseend 7 months ago
Can you please discribe about equation number 91
JohnDoyle[Admin] 10 months ago
Please read FAQ
guygardnerharris 3 years ago
Apologies for the multiple comments: coding bug on the webpage!
guygardnerharris 3 years ago
Dear John ... I downloaded and opened the Excel file, but I immediately got #NAME issues, because the formulae reference other sources (see screenshot).
Could you please adjust this within the spreadsheet itself, or perhaps forward the referenced files?
Many thanks in advance!
white0910 4 years ago
Excavator+Arm is not updating. Kindly send the procedure for updating the sheet...Thanks in advance
marshallj 14 years ago