Band Brake Check



Checks band brake forces and stresses according to recognised formulae.
This is a very simple type of brake using the principle that a band is wrapped part round a rotating drum. Tension can be applied to the band using a lever. The restraining torque results from the difference in tension between the two ends of the belt.

Calculation Reference
Shigley Machine Design
Schaum Machine Design
Machine Design

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02 Feb 2009
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Comments: 3
JohnDoyle[Admin] 6 years ago
Jim we do have some advice and some conversion tools to help see 'Trouble with Units'
Jim_Roskie 6 years ago
can this be used with English units
Stunnah 14 years ago
Thank you for your debut calculation Jay. I have rewarded you with an XLC Pro (3M) subscription. I struggled a little to understand some of the terms in the calculation - a sketch would have helped enormously. I am still not quite sure what the dimension ‘b’ is?
I found a couple of links to other sites that helped me follow the calculation [url=””] Roymech[/url] and [url=”]DANotes[/url].