Disc Spring Calculation



Purpose of Calculation:
To calculate the spring response of a stack of disc (belleville) springs
Calculation Description
This sheet calculates the spring response for a disc spring stack with no contact flats using equations from Disc Spring Manufacturer's Handbook
The equations used in this calculation give approximate values for the spring force and stress. Tables should be consulted for measured results
The calculated values have been compared to values in the handbook and show good correlation
The calculation does not consider fatigue and hence only studies springs under static or quasistatic loads
The calculation also does not consider friction inbetween springs in a stack
It assumes the following:
That Young's Modulus remains linear for the material
The spring remains in one plane during deflection
That residual stresses after manufacture and heat treatment can be ignored
Calculation Reference:
Schnorr Handbook for Disc Springs, Available from http://schnorr.com/docs/Handbook.pdf

Calculation Preview

25 Apr 2011
Last Modified
26 Apr 2011
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Owen Hetherington

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JohnDoyle[Admin] 13 years ago
Thank you for your début calculation Owen. Your calculation follows many of the pointers in our good calculation guide. It might be worth considering the use of the XLC Calculation template to allow switching between systems of units and the integration of data tables for standard washer sizes. I do think the calculation is very useful as it stands and I have extended your XLC Pro subscription by 6 months by way of thanks. [ADMINISTRATOR]