Thick cylinders



Purpose of Calculation
Calculation of stresses in rotating Disks and Rings resulting from Internal and external pressures
Calculation of torque transmitted by interference fit

Calculation Reference

Calculation Validation
The various calculations have been checked against example in above texts. The theoretical derivation of the equations is found on the above website.

Important Note:Please only enter data in the identified coloured cells.

This page includes simple equations for calulating the longitudonal ,tangential and radial stresses in  thick cylinders  with closed ends. It should be noted that material stress units are based on tensile forces = +ve and compressive forces=  -ve. Therefore the pressure on the surface which  niput as a positive value results in an equal but opposite radial stress within the local surface.

Calculations included

  1. Pressurised Thick CylinderRadial /Tangential  stresses
  2. Pressurised Thick CylinderLongitudonal   stresses for a thick walled cylinder with closed ends
  3. Calculation of Interface Pressure resulting from an Interference fit
  4. Calculation of Torque transmitted by Interference fit

Calculation Reference

Strength of materials Ryder

Roarks Formulas for stress and strain

Thick cylinders

Calculation Preview

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