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This is an example of how to produce design calculations for a pinned connection using Excel with the XLC add-in.
Design a Plate Lifting Beam and rigging plates to lift a 98 ft, 30" square PSC pile from the pile head using an embedded 2" ID PVC sleeve thru the pile width. The lifter will be capable of crane hook access and transfer the pile load from the lifting pin to the hook by means of independent eyebars from the pin to the plate spreader beam, shackles and a plate lifting beam connected to the hook.
The strength of a pin-connected plate in the region of the pinhole shall be taken as the least value of the tensile strength of the effective area on a plane through the center of the pinhole perpendicular to the line of action of the applied load (Pt), the fracture strength beyond the pinhole on a single plane parallel to the line of action of the applied load (Pb), and the double plan shear strength beyond the pinhole parallel to the line of action of the applied load (Pv).

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Calculation Reference
Design of pinned connections
Steel Structures


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JohnDoyle[Admin] 12 years ago
It sounds like the XLC addin is not installed correctly (see FAQ's). I should try to uninstall and re-install. I am happy to help via the forum should you have any further difficulties.
m4grem 14 years ago
You are getting the #NAME error because XLC is not installed correctly. Please follow the install instructions on the download page and note down any system messages so that I can try to understand your problem. I have copied the installation instructions below:
Installation - Download and unzip the installation file.
If you have Administrator rights on your PC
Close Excel before installation of XLC.
If you are upgrading first uninstall your existing version of XLC (Start>Programs>XLC>Uninstall XLC).
Install XLC by running "setup.exe". When you next start MS Excel you will see the XLC toolbar:
Excel 2007 Users - Look on the ribbon under "Add-Ins".
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If you require an administrator to install your software
Ask your administrator to install XLC following the instructions above.
IMPORTANT: To set the computer up for your user account he will also need to run "XLC User Setup.exe".
m4grem 14 years ago
Thanks. I realized my fundamental misunderstanding of this website right after I made my posting. I installed the XLC calc. I see the formulas but I get the same #name? error in B24, B28 etc. I am probably missing something simple.
m4grem 14 years ago
Yes you are missing the XLC Addin which displays cell formulae as equations. You can download it here.
m4grem 14 years ago
Thanks for the sheet. It looks good except I get a #Name? error on cell D24 and every cell thereafter. Am I missing something?
JohnDoyle[Admin] 14 years ago
This is a well laid out, easily read and useful design calculation. Thank you.