Clevis and lug design - Peterson's



Calculation of stress concentration effects at a pin and clevis joint. This calculation requires the XLC addin and the XlXtrFun to be installed.

Calculation Reference
Peterson's Stress Concentration

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29 Mar 2011
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29 Mar 2011
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Comments: 11
JohnDoyle[Admin] 13 years ago
The chart was incorrectly annotated which caused some confusion. This has been corrected in v1.2.
gandalf69 13 years ago
Governing ratio R1 is defined as c/H but is then used as d/H in the lookup table.
Please clarify.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 13 years ago
I think you have hit on something here Henk. I'll have to go back and check things over to make sure it works when c does not equal H/2. I post up a new version when I have had time to correct it. It is worth noting that the shear stress is simply a reference stress in the calculation and does not effect the stress concentration factor which is the focus of the calculation. However thank you for your fresh pair of eyes. Your feedback is very useful and much appreciated.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 13 years ago
I just downloaded this spreadsheet. I don't fully agree with the area used in the "Shear Stress in eye due to tear out" calculation. According to me the formula should look like the attached image.
I think the current formula only work if c = H/2.
Or am I wrong?
Any comments?
Best regards
JohnDoyle[Admin] 14 years ago
There are a few I think the simplest to use is Pin and Lug.xls this is a traditional UK railway engineers method. The method is extended for fatigue design in Pin and Lug - Static and Fatigue.xls
There a good aerospace industry method to be found in Aerospace_lug_analysis.xls.
An offshore industry method is presented in API PADEYE Design.
I hope this helps.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 14 years ago
Hi John,
I have to design a clevis and lug that carry both axial and transverse load. Can you guide me to where to find design example? Your clevis and lug design only carries axial load.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 15 years ago
In response to the comment:
"I am sorry, but shouldn't the moment for simply supported be PL/4 not PL/8?" Posted by: psuarez Jan.26
No the calculation is correct as the pin is assumed to be simply supported and the load is uniformly distributed (PL/4 would be true if all the load was concentrated at the centre of the pin). Thanks.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 16 years ago
This calculation has been updated to version 1.1 to include calculations for lug shear out, bearing stress and pin bending stresses.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 16 years ago
thekal there is nothing wrong with the calculation but you most likely need to install the XLC addin which can be downloaded from this site (follow the 'Main Menu'). At the top of the spreadsheet it does actually say that you need to install XLC if you get #NAME errors. Hope this helps
thekal 16 years ago
I have down loaded several copies of this file but found that if you alter any input item an error comes up if you go into the file to try and sort out the problem with help without changing anything ####appear has any one got this one working? please
Boffin 17 years ago
The Xlxtrfun down load is a really useful Excel addin and is put to good use here. Calculation Checks against a worked example in Peterson's.