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A padeye is a device often found on boats that a line runs through, or provides an attachment point. It is a kind of fairlead and often is bolted or welded to the deck or hull of a boat. It is also used in oil and gas projects to assist in the purpose of lifting.

It's made of steel plate with radius at oneside. lifting is done with the help of D-shackle or sling,which fits into the hole of padeye. there may be one or more circular plates(cheek plates) welded around the hole.

The following checks should be done for the designing of padeyes and keep the stress less than the allowable stresses

At the hole:

  1. Bearing stress
  2. Shear stress
  3. Tensile stress
  4. Hertz Bearing stress

    At the base
  5. shear stress
  6. Tensile stress
  7. Bending stress
  8. Combined bending stress and tensile stress
  9. Von-Mises stress

Calculation Reference

Padeye design

Machine design

Structural Design

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